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This searchable calendar lists coastal management-related events in the default order of current, upcoming, unscheduled, and on-going; past events may be viewed by selecting the ‘Include Past Events’ option.  An event can be searched by keyword, date, type of event, location, category, audience, or partners involved.  If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

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  • Presentation on Participatory GIS
    Seminar, Statewide: Coast [Online Webinar], November 05, 2009
    Category(s): GIS/Maps, Estuarine Management, Coastal Habitat Restoration, Coastal Geomorphology
    This NOAA & SCDNR seminar focuses on Participatory GIS, a practice in which local communities share their knowledge and opinions to help generate maps to inform management and decision-making, while fostering stakeholder discussion and collaboration.
APRIL, 2010
  • GIS-Based Training for the Habitat Priority Planner
    Training, Statewide: Coast [North Charleston, SC], April 14, 2010
    Category(s): Land Use Planning, Growth Management, GIS/Maps, Community Development Issues, Coastal Habitat Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation
    A computer‐based GIS training on how to apply the Habitat Priority Planner tool to land-use management, conservation, & restoration projects to enable participants to develop spatial analysis processes & prioritize habitats for land-use managemt. action.
  • Collaborative Learning: An Expert Practice for Implementing Ecosystem Management
    Workshop, Statewide: Coast [Fort Johnson Complex, Charleston, SC], September 22, 2010
    Category(s): Process Skills, Coastal Management
    The workshop is aimed at improving the ability of researchers, managers, policy makers, and officials to build effective partnerships aimed at maintaining the qualities/values of healthy ecosystems that are vital to the communities dependent upon them.
APRIL, 2011
  • Clean Marine: Help Protect Our Coastal Waterways from Marine Debris!
    Public Event, Statewide: Coast [Various locations throughout Greater Charleston], April 08, 2011
    Category(s): Coastal Management, Port, Harbor, Marina Mgmt., Water Quality
    Help Protect Our Coastal Waterways from Marine Debris! April 8-10, 2011 Coastal recreational boaters, anglers and watermen will be able to dispose of unwanted equipment for FREE at a special three-day event in the greater Charleston area.
  • Pond Management Workshop
    Workshop, Statewide: Coast [Clemson Coastal Research and Education Center, Charleston, SC], April 28, 2011
    Category(s): Non-point Source Pollution, Stormwater Management, Stormwater Ponds
    Stormwater pond management will be discussed during this half-day workshop. Specific discussion topics include: sediment contamination of ponds, aquatic weed identification and control, recreational/fish pond management, and USACE regulations/permitting.
  • Water Words That Work
    Workshop, Statewide: Coast [USDA Vegetable Lab], January 25, 2012
    Category(s): Water Quality, Science Education, Coastal Laws, Rules, Regulations, Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
    Training workshop for coastal decision-makers (conservation organizations, state and federal agencies, and environmental advocates) that focuses on the use of effective conservation language to encourage public stewardship of coastal resources.
APRIL, 2012
  • Project Design and Evaluation
    Training, Statewide: Coast [Charleston, SC], April 03, 2012
    Category(s): Project Design & Evaluation
    A two-day interactive training course developed to help participants increase their knowledge and skils related to project design and implementation with measurable impacts on target audiences.
JULY, 2012
  • Project Design and Evaluation
    Training, Statewide: Coast [Bluffton, SC], July 25, 2012
    Category(s): Project Design & Evaluation
    This is a NOAA Coastal Services Center-led training focused on designing and measuring impacts of projects.
  • Water Words That Work (with communication expert Eric Eckl)
    Workshop, Statewide: Coast [The Coastal Georgia Center (Savannah, GA)], October 25, 2012
    Category(s): Watershed Management, Water Quality, Non-point Source Pollution, Low Impact Development, Land Use Planning, Community Development Issues, Coastal Management, Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
    For those of us in the environmental field, motivating action can be a challenge! Eric Eckl’s methods will help you create and deliver messages that reach your target audience and inspire them to action.
  • Introduction to Coastal GIS
    Training, Statewide: Coast [NOAA CSC, Charleston], November 07, 2012
    Category(s): GIS/Maps
    This three-day, introductory course provides students with knowledge and skills to successfully use ArcGIS desktop software. Framed in a coastal management context, the course begins with geographic information system (GIS) fundamentals and introduces tools and techniques useful for addressing coastal issues. In addition to lectures, demonstrations, and exercises in ArcGIS, the course incorporates small group activities and class discussion to reinforce concepts learned in lecture and exercises. Course instruction will be led by NOAA Coastal Services Center staff. This course is offered free of charge, and lunch will be provided.
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