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The Flood Factors Song

By David Shelley

Posted on: July, 21 2016

David Shelley, Park Ranger at Congaree National Park, performs his original Flood Factors song on the dulcimer. The song is sung to the tune of “Funga Alafia,” a popular West African Drumming Song that is also adapted as “Little Liza Jane” in traditional American music.

Community Resilience Building WORKSHOP GUIDE

By N/A

Posted on: July, 19 2016

A generalized overview of the resilience building process. This guide breaks resilience capacity into 7 steps and then goes on to explain the details and steps involved with each of those processes. The document also includes a risk matrix which can be used to identify and respond a variety of hazards.

Case Studies of Community Resilience Policy

By Nayanee Gupta, et al

Posted on: July, 5 2016

A compilation of case studies, policy recommendations, and government initiatives all aimed at increasing community level resilience. Resource also contains a number of resilience indicators, infrastructure retrofitting techniques, and GIS mapping techniques for identifying at risk populations.

Building Resilience Against Climate Effects - A Novel Framework to Facilitate Climate Readiness in Public Health Agencies

By Gino Marinucci, et al

Posted on: July, 5 2016

An explanation and exploration of the CDC’s B.R.A.C.E (building resilience against climate change effects) framework. This document breaks the BRACE framework into 5 iterative steps, and offers a categorization of tasks, data, and policies that supplement the implementation of the BRACE framework.

Health Impact Assessment: Concepts and Guidelines for the Americas

By N/A

Posted on: July, 5 2016

A hybrid framework that mixes health assessments with components from environmental impact assessments (EIAs). The guide utilizes a robust multidisciplinary assessment which weights the quality of scientific evidence, consults with stakeholders/affected populations, and makes policy recommendations aimed at facilitating rapid response to potential health threats (includes examples of health impact assessments).

Public Health Assessment GUIDENCE MANUAL

By William Cibulas & Henry Falk

Posted on: July, 5 2016

A very thorough document intended to inform and guide communities/organizations through the public health assessment process. This guidance manual has a particular focus on community engagement, exposure pathway analysis, and geographic categorization of specific demographics.

National Disaster Recovery Framework

By Various

Posted on: July, 5 2016

: A framework based around the idea of an entire community contributing towards resilience. This work outlines basic principles for disaster recovery, and carefully outlines roles and responsibilities for stakeholders at the federal, state, and local level. It also includes an operational guide aimed at making recovery action plans scalable.

Interagency Concept for Community Resilience Indicators and National-Level Measures

By N/A

Posted on: July, 5 2016

A resilience framework based national and community level indicators. These indicators were chosen based on their relevance to federal recovery mission statements, and are typically quantified through grounded scientific literature. The framework also includes a list of federal data sources frequently used to derive data for indicator analysis.

Evaluating Urban Resilience to Climate Change: A Multi-Sector Approach

By Susan Julius + Various others (document is currently still being drafted)

Posted on: July, 5 2016

An elaborate resilience framework that functions through a layered multi-criteria assessment methodology. The framework works by asking a series of rank based questions pertaining to decision-support systems currently operating within a city. Those decision-support systems then compared to other systems from case studies and published research, culminating in a number of economic, environmental, and infrastructure thresholds & resilience scores.

Being Prepared for Climate Change: A Workbook for Developing Risk-Based Adaptation Plans

By EPA Office of Water

Posted on: July, 5 2016

This workbook details a number of methodologies and frameworks communities can employ to prepare for climate change. It guides communities through the vulnerability assessment process, and then establishes context for properly creating and adopting action plans.