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Out of State Resources: ACES Complete Emergency Handbook

By Alabama Cooperative Extension System

Posted on: October, 9 2015

Information for planning for an emergency

Federal Resources: Recover from a Flood

By eXtension

Posted on: October, 9 2015

Information for homeowners on recovery from flood damage.

Local Comprehensive Beach Management Plans (LCBMP)


Posted on: September, 10 2015

Eighteen coastal municipalities and counties are required to develop and implement Local Comprehensive Beach Management Plans in coordination with DHEC. LCBMPs examine policies, challenges and opportunities related to protection of natural resources, coastal hazards and public access. DHEC will be aligning the LCBMP planning process with elements of the Community Ratings System (CRS).

Adapting to Shoreline Change: A Foundation for Improved Management and Planning in South Carolina


Posted on: September, 10 2015

Final Report of the Shoreline Change Advisory Committee (2010); Technical resource and policy analysis document that examines challenges and opportunities associated with coastal management of beachfront and estuarine shorelines



Posted on: September, 10 2015

Web and mobile-device application allows users to upload photographs and first-hand description of storm events. South Carolina Storm Witness is a cooperative effort led by the DHEC-OCRM to facilitate communication and beachfront damage assessment information among coastal municipalities and state coastal resource managers. Damage assessment information collected through the system enables DHEC to efficiently analyze post-storm beach conditions and expedite recovery activities.

S.C. King Tides Initiative


Posted on: September, 10 2015

Programmatic effort to document the effect that extreme tide events have on state's beaches, coastal waterways, private property and public infrastructure. Web and mobile-device application allows users to upload photographs and first-hand description of events.

Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) Tool


Posted on: September, 10 2015

HVA is a spatial analytical tool that evaluates coastal hazard vulnerability from four hazards: storm surge, shoreline change rate (erosion or accretion), flooding, and social/economic vulnerability (SoVI®). HVA is free, open-source and stand-alone. HVA product outputs may be imported into GIS for detailed analysis.

Southeast and Caribbean Climate Community of Practice Resource Directory


Posted on: October, 7 2014

This directory, compiled using feedback from a CoP member survey, includes information about individuals, organizations, websites, and documents which can serve as climate resources for practitioners in coastal regions of the Southeast and Caribbean. The directory, a searchable Excel spreadsheet, can be accessed through the hyperlink at the bottom of the CISA Coastal Climate Links webpage.

Low Impact Development in Coastal South Carolina: A Planning and Design Guide

By SCDNR/ACE Basin NERR, North Inlet-Winyah Bay NERR, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium, Center for Watershed Protection

Posted on: September, 29 2014

A NERRS Science Collaborative grant was used to create a Low Impact Development Guide for Coastal South Carolina. This two-year project has provided local decision-makers with stormwater engineering specifications, land use planning resources, and site design practices that are tailored to the conditions of the South Carolina coast.

C-CAP Land Cover Atlas

By NOAA Coastal Services Center

Posted on: June, 16 2014

A new version of the Coastal Change Analysis Program's (C-CAP) Land Cover Atlas. This latest version has been updated to include 2010 land cover data for the coastal U.S., allowing users to obtain land cover change statistics for six unique time periods, back through 1996. The new version also includes the option to view land cover changes for watersheds, as well as counties, which serves to broaden the applicability of the tool for environmental assessments.