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Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use

By Patricia H. Waterfall

Posted on: February, 25 2010

Historically, people relied on harvested rain water to provide water for drinking, landscape watering, and for agricultural uses. Once urban areas started to develop, large, centralized water supply systems replaced the need to harvest water. More recently, people have become reacquainted with water harvesting, using it to provide water for home gardens, parking lot trees, multi-housing lawns, and commercial landscapes featuring desert adapted plants.

Pervious Concrete Pavements

By Paul D. Tennis, Michael L. Leming, and David J. Akers

Posted on: February, 25 2010

Pervious concrete as a paving material has seen renewed interest due to its ability to allow water to flow through itself to recharge groundwater and minimize stormwater runoff. This introduction to pervious concrete pavements reviews its applications and engineering properties, including environmental benefits, structural properties, and durability. Both hydraulic and structural design of pervious concrete pavements are discussed, as well as construction techniques.

Coastal Climate Impacts: What You Can Do

By S.C. Sea Grant Extension

Posted on: September, 3 2009

This guide answers some of the common questions community planners, and state and local officials may have about using climate information to make better decisions.

National Historic Geographic Information System

By Minnesota Population Center

Posted on: August, 6 2009

The National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS) provides, free of charge, aggregate census data and GIS-compatible boundary files for the United States between 1790 and 2000.

University of Libraries Digital Collections: Maps

By University of South Carolina

Posted on: August, 6 2009

This digital library houses South Carolina historical soil survey maps, Sanborn fire insurance maps, South Carolina aerial photos, and topographic maps of South Carolina (1888-1975). These maps are digital images; the website does not contain files that can be used with ESRI software.

U.S. Census Bureau Cartographic Boundary Files

By U.S. Census Bureau

Posted on: August, 6 2009

This website provides downloadable GIS data related to the following types of boundaries: census block groups, census regions, census tracts, congressional districts, counties, county subdivisions, metropolitan areas, school districts, legislative districts, traffic analysis zones, urban areas, voting districts, and more.

S.C. Digital Cartography and Precinct Demographics

By Office of Research and Statistics

Posted on: August, 6 2009

The Digital Cartography and Precinct Demographics Section is responsible for providing GIS mapping services to state and local agencies, E911 officials, the private sector, and the legislature. Maps of record that document the various election districts and voting precincts in South Carolina are maintained. Digital Cartography also provides address matching and geocoding, internet mapping, GIS data, and other computer services.

University of South Carolina GIS Data Server and Clearinghouse


Posted on: August, 6 2009

This website contains a variety of downloadable GIS data relevant to South Carolina. Information is available on geography, census stats, services and facilities, environment, hydrology, imagery, infrastructure, and much more.

South Carolina 303(d) List of Impaired Waters


Posted on: August, 6 2009

The SCDHEC TMDL site describes what the South Carolina 303(d) list is, how it is developed, and how waters are removed from the list. The site also provides links to current and past 303(d) lists in PDF and Excel formats, in addition to a link to GIS shapefiles of the information.

USGS Geo Data Portal U.S. Maps and Data

By U.S. Geological Survey

Posted on: August, 6 2009

The Geo Data Portal is your one stop for federal, state, and local geographic data. This website will help you find data or map services, make a map, browse community information, cooperate on data acquisitions, publish your data and map services and much more. You can also register to save searches, maps, and your favorite geography to re-use later.