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4-H2O Exploring the Cooper River and Beyond (youth summer camp adventure)


June 20, 2011


Charleston, SC


4-H2O Pontoon Classroom is a statewide program implemented by Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service, which educates children about water quality, conservation, and how to be good watershed stewards through fun, hands-on activities. Together with regional partners, campers will experience a unique look at coastal South Carolina’s natural heritage, and the special role river systems play in this beautiful landscape. The Ashley and Cooper Rivers provide the perfect setting to explore the ecology and history of the area, and are the focus for two 4-H2O day camps in the Charleston Tri-County region. Campers will visit a variety of sites by land and water around the region, beginning in the freshwater inland reaches and progressing downstream toward the coast. Along the way, we’ll see a variety of habitats—from historic rice field wetlands, to tidal creeks, estuaries, barrier islands, the ocean—and the plants and animals that call these places home. As we end on the beach, we reflect on the journey water takes as it makes its way to the ocean, and ponder its next visit during this continuous cycle. Like ripples in a pond, our goal is to develop watershed ambassadors that spread their new knowledge to their communities. We hope you’ll join us on this wonderful adventure. Activities Include: Water Sampling • Cast and dip-netting • Invertebrate Identification • Ocean Seining • Charleston Harbor Trawls • Historic Interpretations • Barrier Island Exploration


David Joyner, Natural Resources Agent

Phone: (843) 722-5940, ext 125

  • Other
  • Coastal Tourism
  • Fauna Taxonomy/ID
  • Science Education
  • Water Quality
Focus Areas
    • Spring 11 (Apr - Jun)
    Leading Org.
    • Clemson Extension
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