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Can Nature and Cities Coexist?


January 29, 2016


BCDCOG, Barrett Lawrimore Conference Room 1362 McMillan Avenue, Suite 100, North Charleston, SC


Fort Collins, Colorado’s 100-year vision for a thriving natural environment for residents and wildlife. We need nature in our lives more than ever today, and with 80% of Americans living in urban environments, it is crucial that we expand opportunities to meaningfully interact with nature within our cities. Communities across the country and globe have recognized this need and are responding by setting ambitious targets for accessing nature, e.g., within a 10-minute walk for all residents. In March 2015, Fort Collins, Colorado adopted “Nature in the City” – a strategic planning effort to ensure that, as the community grows from 150,000 to 250,000 in the next 25 years, all residents continue to have access to nature and that wildlife habitat in the city is protected and enhanced. The webinar will highlight the City’s strategic planning process and initial implementation actions. The webinar will emphasize strategies for how participants interested in implementing similar strategies in their communities can move from a vision to strategic planning to actions on the ground.


Vonie Gilreath, Mobility Manager

Phone: (843) 529-0400 ext. 202

  • Training
  • Academics
  • Coastal/Resource Managers
  • Developers/Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Environmental Orgs
  • Federal Government
  • General Public
  • Landscape Architects
  • Local Government
  • Planners
  • Public Works Officials
  • State Government
  • Public Access
Focus Areas
  • Region: BCD
  • Winter 16 (Jan - Mar)
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