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CanVis Workshop


May 28, 2008


North Charleston, SC


This is a 3 hour workshop at the NOAA CSC in North Charleston to learn about the applications of using CanVis visualization software to visualize potential development scenarios. This software enables coastal officials and their constituents to get a quick look at their development possibilities. The software program is free and users can import a preselected background picture (e.g., riverbank, aerial) and then superimpose various objects of their choice (e.g., docks, residential development, commercial buildings). The NOAA CSC staff have developed this web-based presentation and training opportunity for people to learn this software. Please RSVP by Friday, May 23, 2008 to reserve a space in the May 28 training workshop. The workshop location is at the Old Navy Base in N. Charleston (Directions: Contact the NOAA CSC if you have questions. To learn more about CanVis prior to the workshop, visit


Hansje Gold-Krueck, Human Dimensions Specialist

Phone: (843) 740-1337

  • Workshop
  • Coastal/Resource Managers
  • Local Government
  • Planners
  • State Government
  • Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
  • Coastal Hazards & Hurricanes
  • Community Development Issues
  • Growth Management
  • Infill Development/Retrofits
  • Land Use Planning
Focus Areas
  • Statewide: Coast
  • Spring 08 (Apr - Jun)
Leading Org.
  • NOAA Office for Coastal Management
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