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Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference


September 17 - 19, 2018


Columbia, South Carolina


Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center


The impacts of current climate variability and the evidence of climate change are continuing to grow and with it our understanding of the challenges we face in adapting to those changes. Building resilience is an important step in preparing to successfully address current and future pressures. The Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference seeks to assist by providing a platform to share experience and knowledge of opportunities, tools, resources, local initiatives, and expertise. Although research findings will be shared, this conference is intended to foster real-world solutions to climate adaptation in the Carolinas. Learn more at Stay informed with e-mail updates about registration, the call for presentations, and other relevant conference news. Interested in participating? Learn how to submit your presentation or session idea here!

The deadline for submissions is Friday, April 13, 2018.


Sessions are designed to facilitate interaction, training, collaboration and discussion around topics including:

  • Updates about climate science and available resources
  • Communicating about climate in the Carolinas
  • Mainstreaming climate into ongoing activities
  • Case studies of local adaptation efforts underway
  • Climate connections with public health, tourism, recreation, natural resources, hazards management, water management, and other sectors

Interactive presentations and audience discussion improve understanding of our regional climate as well as information, services, and tools available to stakeholders and decision makers in the region.

Climate tool demonstrations provide an opportunity for a hands-on experience to learn from tool developers and ask questions of users. See the Program page for more information on the different presentation formats.


Kirstin Dow, Lead PI

  • Engineers
  • Federal Government
  • Local Government
  • Non-Profit Leaders
  • Outreach/Education Professionals
  • Planners
  • State Government
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
  • Climate Communication
  • Summer 18 (Jul - Sep)
Leading Org.
  • Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments (CISA)
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