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City of Charleston Public Meeting: Trees to Offset Water


June 15, 2017




Charleston, SC


Wells Fargo Auditorium (Rm 115), College of Charleston School of Business, 5 Liberty Street


Public Meeting Flyer

“TREES TO OFFSET WATER”- Charleston was selected for a study about beneficially integrating trees into the City’s stormwater management programs. Trees improve air quality, provide shade, decrease erosion, remove pollutants from stormwater, and can soak up a tremendous volume of stormwater. The South Carolina Forestry Commission is studying Charleston to see if we can use more trees to help us reduce flooding and improve water quality in our lakes, wetlands, springs, and rivers. Your opinions and ideas are needed. We hope you will come share them at this meeting!

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Focus Areas
  • County: Charleston
  • Spring 17 (Apr - Jun)
Supporting Orgs.
  • ULI South Carolina
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