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Fall 2008 Plate Tectonics Workshop: Exploring Plate Tectonics, a Hands-on Approach


November 08, 2008


Michaux Conservancy at the Navy Yard at Noisette, North Charleston


Join COSEE-SouthEast and PROJECT OCEANICA to investigate plate tectonics and learn about how the plates move to form the ocean basins that exist today. This workshop will provide hands-on classroom activities designed to engage students in learning all about the Plate Tectonics Theory. All activities are aligned with state standards for physical, earth and life sciences. Participants who complete all requirements will receive 1 PD credit and a $200 stipend. This program will be geared toward 8th grade, high school and fifth grade science educators. Snacks will be provided.

Thursday, Nov. 6th, 5-7:30pm
Saturday, Nov. 8th, 9am-4pm
Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 5-7:30pm


Brittney Marshall, Course Coordinator

  • Workshop
  • Academics
  • Science Education
Focus Areas
  • County: Charleston
  • Fall 08 (Oct - Dec)
Leading Org.
  • USDA FS, Center for Forested Wetlands Research
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