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Forested Wetlands of the Upper Estuary Conference


March 05 - 07, 2024


Charleston, S.C.


Rita Hollings Science Center, College of Charleston


This conference highlights tidal freshwater forested wetlands as distinct and critical transition ecosystems, particularly in the southeastern U.S. Conference participants will discuss environmental change and monitoring, societal values, ecological properties, carbon storage, and management options. Freshwater and low-salinity forested wetlands occur in tidal reaches of rivers around the world. Though often overlooked, these systems provide important ecological services and human benefits with opportunities for management interventions in a dynamic and changing environment.

Participants will convene to discuss the state of knowledge regarding tidally-influenced forested wetlands (TFW) in the Southeast and to build an understanding of information needs, including ecosystem and ecological services provided by TFWs, cultural identities related to this resource, cross-system management comparisons, and decision-management frameworks. The event is geared toward social and natural researchers and students; federal, state, tribal, and private land managers; restoration practitioners; and invested community decision-makers and stakeholders. The conference is sponsored by the Consortium, National Sea Grant Office, Clemson University, College of Charleston, and U.S. Geological Survey. For more information, contact Brita Jessen, Interdisciplinary Research and Partnerships lead, at (843) 953-6417 or Amanda Guthrie, Coastal Climate and Resilience specialist, at (843) 953-2097.


  • Conference
  • Academics
  • Federal Government
  • Land Managers
  • State Government
  • Tribal
  • Forestry
  • Water Quality
  • Watershed Management
  • Wetlands
  • Winter 24 (Jan - Mar)
Leading Org.
  • S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
Supporting Orgs.
  • Clemson University
  • College of Charleston
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