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LEED v4 Rating System Review: Sustainable Sites


March 15, 2018


11:30 am-1 pm


19 Washington Park Greenville, SC 29601


Craig Gaulden Davis


Explore the LEED Sustainable Sites credits, which are related to the environment surrounding the building and emphasize the importance of local ecosystems and holistically integrating the site with its surroundings. The session will cover each prerequisite and credit in a credit-by-credit format presenting technical requirements and strategies that work to achieve them.


To view additional multimedia resources on each credit, view the:

To view the language for each credit, view the:

Within each credit, click the RESOURCES tab to viewSubmittal Tips related to the credit.Objectives

  1. Recognize benefits of considering the project site holistically
  2. Integrate the project with local and regional ecosystems
  3. Recognize synergies between multiple credits
  4. Recognize how credit requirements lead to higher performing buildings and market transformation

Melissa LeRoy, Executive Director

Phone: (843) 329-3131

Greg Soyka, LS3P

  • Winter 18 (Jan - Mar)
Leading Org.
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