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LEED v4 Rating System Review: Water Efficiency/Energy & Atmosphere


April 12, 2018


12:00-1:30 pm


19 Washington Park Greenville, SC 29601


Craig Gaulden Davis


ONSITE WEBINAR at Craig Gaulden Davis

AIA & GBCI APPROVED for 1.5 Hours

Explore two credit categories: 1) the Water Efficiency credits, which focus on reducing water use inside and outside the building and the importance of metering for better water management; and 2) the Energy & Atmosphere credits, which focus first on reducing energy loads and demand, using necessary energy efficiently, and applying renewable sources where possible.

This session will cover each prerequisite and credit in a credit-by-credit format presenting technical requirements and strategies that work to achieve them.

To view additional multimedia resources on each credit, view the:

To view the language for each credit, view the:

Within each credit, click the RESOURCES tab to view Submittal Tips related to the credit.


  1. Recognize ways to reduce water use inside and outside the building and implement water metering to support better water management.
  2. Recognize how the holistic approach of addressing the reduction of energy use, energy efficient design strategies, and renewable energy sources are reflected in the credits.
  3. Recognize synergies between multiple credits.
  4. Recognize how credit requirements lead to higher performing buildings and market transformation

Greg Soyka, LS3P

  • Spring 18 (Apr - Jun)
Leading Org.
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