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Mass Timber and the Future of Development


June 14, 2018




522 Lady Street Columbia, SC United States


McCrory Construction

Please join us for a conversation on Mass Timber. Mass Timber is increasingly being pursued as a cost-effective design solution.  Architecture, Engineering and Construction professionals will discuss the latest innovations in mass timber building design, including cross laminated timber (CLT).  Topics to be discussed will include resourcing the timber material, structural design processes, strength considerations, and detailing for cost efficiency, sustainability, and constructability. Recent case studies and opportunities to implement CLT in the design process will also be discussed.  Select mass timber projects will be highlighted to demonstrate successful applications using mass timber. After the presentation, please join us on McCrory Construction’s rooftop patio for light food and beverages.


  • David Impson, PE, SE, CE, Britt, Peters and Associates
    David is a principal of Britt, Peters, and Associates responsible for managing the Greenville Structural Division. A registered Professional Engineer in five states, he is associated with a variety of impressive projects and brings an innovative approach to the design of all structural systems, including cross-laminated timber (CLT).  His broad expertise includes the development of complete structural systems for major commercial, educational and healthcare buildings, as well as long-span vibration analysis and three-dimensional structural modeling.
  • Graham Montgomery, Britt, Peters and Associates
    Graham obtained his BS and MS degrees from Clemson University with an emphasis in structural engineering. He was involved in Clemson’s initial research related to cross-laminated timber (CLT), which focused on the use of Southern Pine for CLT panels. Graham is based in Greenville, SC, where he now works for Britt, Peters and Associates on the structural design of commercial, institutional, and multi-family buildings. He has continued his commitment to CLT by using it in his designs and staying close to his research, which is Clemson is continuing.
  • Mr. Charles Starck, Lendlease
    Charles is Senior Architect / Design Manager for the PM&C group of the Lend Lease (US) Partnerships LLC. His responsibilities include the review of all design/construction documents for constructability, compliance with the client mandated scopes of work, building codes and third-party review requirements. He is a subject matter expert in building codes and accessibility issues. He also serves as the design / technical lead for the LL Timber & Innovations Group who developed the first commercial cross-laminated timber (CLT) structure to be built in the US at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL. Charles is one of two representatives for Lendlease to the Advisory Board of the Wood Utilization + Design Institute at Clemson University.
  • Bruce Lindsey, WoodWorks/Wood Products Council
    Based in Charlotte, NC, Bruce is a 20-year veteran of the wood products industry. He is a graduate of Appalachian State University with a major in construction technology, concentrating in architectural design, and a minor in physics. His multi-faceted career experience has included architectural design, structural design and roles within the engineered wood products industry related to marketing, product management, distribution, consulting and sales.

Amy Barrett, Executive Director

Phone: 8437436073

  • Spring 18 (Apr - Jun)
Leading Org.
  • ULI South Carolina
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