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Regional Forum


July 26, 2008


Charleston Area Convention Center


Please join hundreds of your fellow citizens from across the tri-county area at the Regional Forum on Saturday, July 26. Participants will come and talk together to look for answers to some important questions about our communities and our region. How will our communities continue to grow without lowering quality of life or damaging our natural resources. What can we do to ensure job growth continues and benefits everybody? What can we do to restore some of our critical natural resources and better protect ourselves from future natural disasters like hurricanes? What is our vision for the future of this unique but changing region? What do we need to do within our individual communities to be good neighbors in the region?

Participants will spend most of the day talking in small groups with the support of a trained table facilitator to discuss questions like those above. Each table will have a diversity of people from across the region. Participants will look for areas of agreement and to better understand each other in areas where they might disagree. Ideas from all tables will be gathered and summarized into a report that will be available shortly after the meeting is over. These results will help set the goals and strategies for Our Region, Our Plan.

Individual voting keypads will be used by all participants to answer questions throughout the day about their preferences and priorities. The hundreds of participants will respond to various questions and immediately see the results for the room. This will further help identify areas of agreement and disagreement and what are the top priorities for the group as a whole.

At the end of the Regional Forum, participants will be given opportunities and encouraged to stay involved in Our Region, Our Plan and to get more involved in other local activities that address the opportunities and challenges in their community

Elected officials and other decision makers from across the region will be involved in the July 26 Regional Forum. They will participate themselves and hear the voices of the people. They too will be asked to make commitments to stay involved in Our Region, Our Plan and work more closely with their neighbors and regional partners.

Registrations for the Regional Forum will be closely tracked and every effort will be made to get the full diversity of the tri-county region fairly represented in the room on July 26. Please register today and encourage your friends and neighbors to get involved.


Alec Brebner, Assistant Planning Director

Phone: (843) 529-0400

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