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Request for Proposals: NOAA/TNC Habitat Restoration Grants


April 13, 2012




NOAA and TNC are looking to support community-based restoration of a diversity of habitat types and no habitats are excluded. We will consider any innovative restoration project nationwide that supports NOAA trust resources, and particularly those projects that have a multi-species benefit or emphasize Ecosystem-Based Management. A focal area of particular interest, though not exclusive or limiting, is native shellfish (bivalve) restoration projects. Projects throughout all USA states and territories are eligible to compete for these grants. Preference will be given to projects at priority sites identified through Marine Ecoregional Assessments and other TNC priority setting approaches at the state and territory level (contact TNC state or territory staff listed in Appendix II or NOAA/TNC Partnership Coordinator, Boze Hancock).


Lisa Vandiver, Marine Habitat Restoration Specialist

Phone: 843-740-1242

  • Other
  • Academics
  • Coastal/Resource Managers
  • Consultants
  • Environmental Orgs
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Coastal Habitat Restoration
  • Coastal Management
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Restoration Science
Focus Areas
  • Region: Nation WIde
  • Spring 12 (Apr - Jun)
Leading Org.
  • NOAA
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