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Sewage Solutions Workshop: Technologies and Management Strategies for Rural Coastal Communities


August 06, 2008


Charleston, SC


Many communities in coastal South Carolina are
facing issues about wastewater treatment in
terms of public health, environmental quality, and
planning for future needs. Onsite septic systems
and centralized sewer are well known options.
However, other collection and treatment
technologies and management strategies exist
that can provide communities with options for
dealing with wastewater issues.

This workshop will introduce these
“decentralized” options and provide information
on alternative wastewater management
strategies. Presenters include nationally
recognized experts in the field of decentralized
and onsite wastewater management,
practitioners involved in the day-to-day operation
and management of community systems, and
state and federal regulators.

Space is Limited!

See weblink to PDF for details.


Dan Burger, Communication & Technical Services Div. Director

Phone: (843) 953-0251

  • Workshop
  • Coastal/Resource Managers
  • Consultants
  • Developers/Contractors
  • Local Government
  • Planners
  • Community Development Issues
  • Low Impact Development
  • Non-point Source Pollution
  • Water Quality
Focus Areas
  • Statewide: Coast
  • Summer 08 (Jul - Sep)
Leading Org.
  • SCDHEC-Ocean & Coastal Resource Management
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