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The Central Social District: The Key to Tomorrow’s Successful Downtown


March 04, 2016


BCDCOG, Barrett Lawrimore Conference Room 1362 McMillan Avenue, Suite 100, North Charleston, SC


For decades, the terms Central Business District, CBD and downtown were used almost interchangeably because, functionally, downtowns were dominated by retail stores, office based businesses, professionals and government agencies, along with some hotels and maybe entertainment venues. Today, in downtowns large and small, the CBD functions are being rivaled or even surpassed by their Central Social District (CSD) functions. That includes housing, restaurants and watering holes, and vibrant entertainment niches that include not only venues for formal entertainments such cinemas, theaters, museums and concert halls, but also lively parks, plazas, and other gathering areas. Your downtown's competitive advantage is therefore changing in important ways. Looking beyond the draw of speciality retail and entertainment, innovative downtown leaders and community planners are seizing on the opportunity to re-brand and fully embrace the downtown as the "heart of the community" where people come to gather, celebrate, meet friends, and make new onesCase studies from two communities will illustrate how the CSD concept supports (and in fact drives) downtown economic development. Participants will also learn about innovative ways to help fund this next wave of downtown investment.


Vonie Gilreath, Mobility Manager

Phone: (843) 529-0400 ext. 202

  • Conference
  • Developers/Contractors
  • Local Government
  • Planners
  • Public Works Officials
  • Community Development Issues
  • Land Use Planning
Focus Areas
  • Region: BCD
  • Winter 16 (Jan - Mar)
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