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USGBC Carolinas: Women In Green Panel at Nephron Pharmaceuticals


May 01, 2018


8:30-11:00 am


4500 12th Street Extension West Columbia, SC 29172


Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Join USGBC Carolinas for an exciting discussion around women’s leadership at Nephron Pharmaceuticals on May 1st, 2018 from 8:30 AM – 11:00 AM.

Our panelists:

Lou Kennedy, CEO and President, Nephron Pharmaceuticals

Rhiannon Jacobsen, Vice President, Market Transformation & Development at US Green Building Council

Mary Pat Baldauf, Sustainability Facilitator, City of Columbia

About Women In Green:

At the end of the day, it’s not so much about what you do, but about why you do it. Leading with purpose is a journey that starts from within. This year, Women in Green celebrates the power of purpose to shape our lives, our careers and our changing world.

There are hundreds of books, articles and inspiring videos that claim to unlock the secrets to success, but as working women, we know there are no secret formulas and there are no short cuts. Success is built on dedication, hard work, patience…and purpose. Purpose is a driving force that is built on values and hope, pragmatism and ambition. Purpose provides us with guidance, and when we lead with purpose, we set a clear path for success and an example for others to follow.

Leading with purpose is about self-expression and being true to ourselves, standing up for what we know is right and helping others along the way. In times of uncertainty, we turn to our inner sense of purpose to sustain our energy and commitment, to bolster our resilience and push us forward. It is what has always elevated humankind from places of darkness into the light — it shapes cultures, it feeds on curiosity and diversity of thinking, and it asks us to be humble in our continued pursuit of what we believe is right.

At Women in Green we will delve into the ways women can lead with purpose to inspire others and drive continued creativity and progress. Let’s go from being relevant, to being revolutionary. Join Us.


Greg Soyka, LS3P

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