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Facing the Flood: A case study of Charleston’s response to and path forward following the SC Floods of October 2015


Southeast & Caribbean Climate CoP


Southeast & Caribbean Climate CoP


In early October 2015, a stalled mid-latitude weather system directed a fire hose of deep tropical moisture across South Carolina over a four-day period leading to record-breaking rainfall totals and devastating flooding across the state. Rainfall totals around the Charleston area ranged from 16-27″, and many parts of the region experienced major flooding, inundating neighborhoods, roads, and other infrastructure. This webinar will focus on the City of Charleston’s response to the flood event and lessons learned that will help the City move forward to face a “new normal” in our changing environment. Several lessons learned in Charleston may apply to many of our coastal communities in the Southeast and Caribbean.

  • December 11, 2015
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Climate Communication
  • SC Flood
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