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S.C. Beachfront Jurisdictional Lines


Department of Health & Environmental Control


Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management


The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) is required by law to establish and periodically review the position of two lines of beachfront jurisdiction (the baseline and the setback line) once every seven to ten years. This application allows the public to view and download the current and proposed jurisdictional lines, and line reports.

Jurisdictional lines and base map imagery are provided for reference purposes only. In order to determine the exact position of jurisdictional lines for a given property, coordinates must be downloaded and a property-specific survey must be performed.

Aerial imagery featured in this application is provided by ESRI® and is periodically updated by ESRI® as new imagery becomes available (similar to the way in which Google® or Bing® maps are updated). A change in aerial imagery may appear as a shift in the position of the jurisdictional lines due to the angle of the aerial photography. However, the coordinates of the current and proposed jurisdictional baseline and setback line have not changed since initial release in October 2017.

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