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The State of Marine and Coastal Adaptation in North America: A Synthesis of Emerging Ideas (January 2011)


Rachel M. Gregg, Lara J. Hansen, Kirsten M. Feifel, Jessica L. Hitt, Alex Score, and Jennie R. Hoffman




The intent of this report is to provide a brief overview of key climate change impacts on the natural and built environments in marine and coastal North America and a review of adaptation options available to and in use by marine and coastal managers. This report presents the results of EcoAdapt’s efforts to survey, inventory, and assess adaptation projects from different regions, jurisdictions, and scales throughout North America’s marine and coastal environments.

  • August 18, 2010
  • Climate Change/Sea Level Rise
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Coastal Hazards & Hurricanes
  • Coastal Management
  • Shoreline Change
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